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1. Scientific Support to Policy-making in the Nuclear Field, Manuel Martin Ramos

2. Towards experiments at the new ELI-NP facility, Dimiter Balabanski

3. Fire Safety in Nuclear Power Plants and Modeling Fire in a Generic EDG Room by COMPBRN III, Mirac Bahadir Oztemiz and Sule Ergun

4. Nuclear communications a daily challenge case study, Lubomir Mitev

5. The French program on Gen-4 - The ASTRID project, Gerard Cognet

6.Management standards for nuclearfacilities and activities, Mitko Mirchev

7. Safety culture impact in the performance of activities in NPP, Ljubka Tzokova

8. Activities with young generation, Radka Ivanova and Veselka Aleksieva

9. Women's health in Kozloduy NPP, Petia Stoyanovska

10. Research on severe accidents in nuclear power plants: main SARNET outcomes and ETSON views, Jean-Pierre Van-Dorsselaere

11.Thermal Analysis of Spent Nuclear Fuel Shipping Cask, Acelya Deniz Gokselkinav

12.Nuclear Activities at KIT: reactor safety research and safety research for waste disposal issues, Walter Tromm

13. Thermal-hydraulic and NPP Safety, Ljuben Sabotinov

14. "Investigation of "dry" recriticality of the melt during late in-vessel phase of severe accident in Light Water Reactor", Dimitar Popov

15. LWR severe accident research at the Karlsruhe institute of Technology, Alex Miassoedov

16. "Validation of FloEFD CFD code on real and numerical experiments on coolant mixing in reactor pressure vessel of VVER-1000", Dimitar Popov

17. Influence of the nodalisation/zoning by the ThAI Iod 11 and Iod 12 tests analysis with ASTEC code applications,Petar Kaleychev

18. IRT-Sofia SAR, Sergey Belousov

19. "Main results from the stress tests in Europe and planned safety improvement", Valentin Papazov

20.Radiological monitoring at Kozloduy NPP during the accreditation current state and perspectives, Russian Tzibranski

21. Fuel cycle of VVER-1000, Stoyan Krastev

22. M-Laboratory Radiometer R2013, Agop Srents

23. "European legislation for radioactive waste management opportunities and fields of incertitude under the conditions of shared competence", Olga Borisova

24. "Liquid radioactive waste purification system", Momchil Kazakov

25. "Accumulated operational radioactive waste management as SE RAW", Bratan Bratanov

26. Effectiveness of methods for Long Term Operation against degradation of mechanical properties, Galia Dimova

27. Reactor Dosimetry for LT assessment, Sergey Belousov

28. Visual control of the equipment at the first contour, Sergey Angelov

29. Pilot training of non-nuclears within CORONA Project,Maria Manolova

30. Pilot training for students within CORONA,Rositsa Minakova

31. CORONA project current status, Iskren Tzvetkov

32. Implementation of the Work Package 7 (WP7)- a prerequisite for meeting the CORONA project goals, Tako Takov

33. Nuclear after Fukushima, Ruscho Yankov

34. Nuclear energy close and longer term, Georgi Vassilev

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