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Chairs: Pavlin GRUDEV (INRNE-BAS, BG) and Christine BRUN YABA (IRSN, FR)

Donald R. HOFFMAN, CEO of EXCEL Services Corporation, 59th President of the American Nuclear Society, USA, Nuclear power worldwide - today and in near future

Yanko YANEV, CEO NKMI, Vienna, AU, "Nuclear Energy in Bulgaria - To be or not to be- a sociopolitical retrospect and outlook for the future"

Dimiter BALABANSKI, ELI-NP, IFIN-HH, Bucharest Magurele, RO, Status of the ELI-NP infrastructure project

Jordan JORDANOV, NUCLEON Consulting Agency, BG, The future of nuclear Energy - Small Modular Reactors

Norbert HASPEL, Westinghouse Electric Germany GmbH, GR, Westinghouse AP1000 reactor

Antonio BALLESTEROS AVILA,EC JRC-IET, Petten, NL, EU Clearinghouse activities on Operating Experience Feedback


Chairs: Mladen MITEV(INRNE-BAS, BG) andRussian TZIBRANSKI(Kozloduy NPP, BG)

Ivan KOJOUHAROV, GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung, DE, Electrically cooled massive HPGe detectors

AlexanderMLADENOVINRNE-BAS, Sofia, BG, Assessment of exposure of the population during the operation of the IRT-200.

Dobromir DIMITROV, Mladen Mitev and Zahary Zahariev, INRNE-BAS, BG,Investigation of an innovative material for neutron shielding

Severina IVANOVA, B. Chaushev, P. Bochev and A. Klisarova, St. Marina University Hospital, Varna, BG, Radiation exposure of the staff in PET/CT and Cyclotron Facility

Dilek YÜKSEL, Hacettepe Üniversity, Ankara, TR, Molecular Design Of Calix[4]arene Derivatives for Uranyl Ion Extraction from Aqueous Media

Anka Georgieva, Tobacco and Tobacco Products Institute, andAgopSRENTZ, Plovdiv University Paisii Hilendarski, BG, Methodology for assessment of total beta activity in tobacco and tobacco from tobaccoproducts and some results


Chairs: Iskren TSVETKOV (Kozloduy NPP, BG) and Igor KOZLOV (Odessa National Polytechnic University, UA)

Denitza ZGUREVA, and Silviya Boycheva, Technical University of Sofa, BG, Synthesis of sodalite from coal fly ash as a potential adsorbent in nuclear safety systems

Elena KOSTADINOVA, Vencislav Rusanov, Tatyana Avdjieva, Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", BG, Physics-Based Methods for Studying Nuclear Reactor Steels

Ivaylo NAYDENOV, Technical University of Sofia, BG, Plutonium-containing Civilian Materials Attractiveness Analysis Using the Figure of Merit Methodology

Kostadin ZASHEV, Technical University of Sofia, BG, Possibilities for nuclear isotopes production in WWER-1000 type of reactors for military purposes

Osman Şahin ÇELİKTEN, Şule ERGÜN, Hacettepe Üniversity, Ankara, TR, Investigation of Thorium Utilization in a new SMR Core Design

Petya VRYASHKOVA, Marina Andreeva, Pavlin Groudev, INRNE-BAS, BG, Study of VVER-1000 behaviour during LBLOCA with ID 850 mm combined with Station Blackout using computer code MELCOR 2.1

Stanislav YANACHKOV, Technical University of Sofia, BG, ''Algorithm and software implementation of the model for calculating the starting characteristics of the VVER type reactors''


Chairs: Krassimira ILIEVA (BgNS, BG) and Ludmil NEDELCHEV (Kozloduy NPP, BG)

Dimitrinka ATANASOVA, Technical University of Sofia, BG, Methods for Registration an Identification of Depleted Uranium in Radiation Shielding of Radioactive Wastes

Nuri BEYDOGAN, Gencer Konur, Gulcin Sarici, Osman Sahin Celikten, Mehmet Turkmen, Cemal Niyazi Sokmen, Hacettepe University, Ankara, TR, Pin Cell Simulation of the Change in Doppler Broadening and Self-Shielding with the Change in Nuclear Fuel Temperature and Fuel Type by using OpenMC

Krassimir BOSILKOV, K. K., Banev, K. I., Borisov, B. I., The Kozloduy NPP, BG,Automated workstation for metrological verification of measurement transducers TRIAD s232

Gergana GEROVA, Technical University of Sofia, BG, Simplified model of VVER 1000 thermal hydraulic process

Lubomir KANDOV, Technical University of Sofia, BG, "Analysis of the level of physical protection and evaluation of the radiological consequences in case of intentional malicious actions against the National repository for radioactive waste (NRRAW)"

Hristiyan Kolev, Technical University of Sofia, BG, ''Thorium fuel cycle with molten salts''

Alexander STOYANOV, Kozloduy NPP, BG, '' Operational control of sealed radioactive sources in the at Kozloduy NPP Laboratory "Measurement of ionizing radiation"


Chairs: Kalin FILIPOV (Technical University of Sofia, BG) and Sule ERGUN (Hacettepe University Ankara, TR)

Gerard COGNET, CEA & French Embassy, FR, French Nuclear Energy Program in a Sustainable Energy Mix

Atanas GEORGIEV, Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", Faculty of Economics, BG, Regulatory challenges for nuclear energy in the liberalization of the electricity market

Nikita HRISTOV, Risk Engineering Ltd., BG, Perspectives about build new NPP

Angel GEORGIEV, Nikolay Chavdarov, ESO EAD, BG, Statistics and indicators for electricity production in Bulgaria in 2014

Anton CHAUSHEVSKI, Sofija Nikolova Poceva, Faculty of Electrical Engineering & IT, Skopje and Nikola Popov, JSC ELEM, Skopje, MK, Needs of National Infrastructure for Nuclear Energy Program in Macedonia


Chairs: Evgeni LUKANOV (Worley Parsons Nuclear Services, BG) and Petya VRYASHKOVA (INRNE-BAS, BG)

Éva TÓTH , MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant LTD, HU, Development of the Severe Accident Management strategy for Paks NPP on the basis of Level 2 PSA

Petar BAKARDZHIEV, Emil Ivanov, Alexander Wolski, Detelin Markov, Georgi Pichurov and Evgeni Lukanov , Worley Parsons Nuclear Services JSC, Sofia, BG, CFD Thermal Analysis of Aerosol Filters Used in Severe Accident Containment Venting Systems

Hüseyin AYHAN and Cemal Niyazi Sökmen, Hacettepe Üniversity, Ankara, TR, Performance Optimization and Validation for the PRHRS of VVERs with RELAP5 code

Walter TROMM, KIT, DE EU Project SAFEST (Severe Accident Facilities for European Safety Targets). Support to a pan-European Integrated Research Infrastructure Initiative for increased Safety of Nuclear Systems


Chairs: Vladimir POPOV (Kozloduy NPP, BG) and Walter TROMM (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, DE)

Evgeni LUKANOV, Alexander Wolski, Emil Kostov, and Petar Bakardzhiev, Sofia, BG, Worley Parsons Nuclear Services JSC , Challenges to the design of containment filtered venting systems at BWR

Ali TIFTIKCI, and C. Kocar, Hacettepe Üniversity, Ankara, TR, Investigation of heat transfer and turbulence characteristics of a triangular rod array in lattice-Boltzmann framework

Vanya YORDANOVA, Risk Engineering Ltd., BG, Implementation of an information management system for repairs in Armenian Medzamor NPP

Todor K. TODOROV, Kozloduy NPP, BG, "Metrology in Kozloduy NPP - guarantee for its safe operation

Senem ŞENTÜRK LÜLE* and Ü. Çolak, *Turkish Atomic Energy Authority, Cekmece Nuclear Research and Training Center, Istanbul and Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, TR, Neutronic Comparison of Proposed Claddings for Accident Tolerant Fuel with Zirconium Based Cladding in PWRs

Diana DIMITROVA, Kozloduy NPP, BG, "Operational experience of VVER NPP -Kozloduy"


Chairs: Boyka NENKOVA (Risk Engineering, BG) and Viktor KOLYKHANOV (Institute for Safety Problems of Nuclear Power Plants of NASU, UA)

Walter TROMM, KIT, DE, The new initiative on decommissioning at KIT: KIT Competence Center for Decommissioning. Bundling the expertise for a safe dismantling of NPP, Innovative technologies - radiation protection - technology assessment

Ivelina IVANOVA, Ministry of Energy, BG National Framework for RAW and Spent Fuel Management

Momchil KAZAKOV, SE RAW, BG, Decommissioning of Units 1-4: Progress and Challenges

Denitsa DISHKOVA, SE RAW, BG, Management of Ongoing Decommissioning Projects at Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant Units 1 to 4, Bulgaria guarantee for safe and timely decommissioning process


Chairs: Dessislava KIRILOVA (Kozloduy NPP, BG) and Antonio BALLESTEROS AVILA (EC JRC-IET, Petten, NL)

Vladimir POPOV, Kozloduy NPP, BG, Extension of the operation of Units 5 and 6 of Kozloduy NPP"

Dmitri ERAK, Kurchatov Institute, Moscow, RU, Prediction of radiation embrittlement of materials VVER-1000

Vyacheslav KOCHKIN, Kurchatov Institute, Moscow, RU, Features of measuring the niobium monitors activities in samples witnesses of the VVER-1000 RPVs

Ludmil NEDELCHEV, Kozloduy NPP, BG, "Determining the temperature of the cold brittleness of the VVER 1000 reactor vessel metal

Denis ZHURKO, Kurchatov Institute, Moscow, RU, Methods for study of mechanical properties of the VVER-1000 samples witnesses in the SIC "Kurchatov Institute"


Chairs: Ivan KOJOUHAROV (GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung, DE) and Albena GEORGIEVA (BNRA, BG)

Sule ERGUN, Anil Gurgen, Hacettepe Üniversity, Ankara, TR, A Sample Application of Nuclear Power Human Resources Model

Galina FESENKO G, Vl. Kuznetsov, Phillips J.R., Rho K., Grigoriev A., Korinny A., Ponomarev A., IAEA, AU, International Project on Innovative Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycles: introduction and education and training activity

Ralitsa RADNEVA, Kozloduy NPP, BG, Women in Nuclear Energy Motivation and Prospects at Kozloduy NPP

Natasha IVANOVA, Medical University, Varna, BG, Ionizing radiation in medical training

Iskren TSVETKOV, Kozloduy NPP, BG, "Maintenance and development of nuclear competence by building Training Academy on VVER technology. Project CORONA II"