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21, 1, 2016

21, 1, 2016

A. CHAUSHEVSKI, S.N. POCEVA, H. SPASEVSKA, N. POPOV_Needs of National Infrastructure for Nuclear Energy Program in Macedonia

A. GEORGIEVA, A. SRENTZ_Methodology Assessment of the Total Beta Activity in Tobacco and Tobacco Products and Certain Results

A. GURGEN, S. ERGUN_A Sample Application of Nuclear Power Human Resources Model

A. TIFTIKCI, C. KOCAR_Investigation of Heat Transfer and Turbulence Characteristics of a Triangular Rod Array in lattice-Boltzmann Framework

D. DISHKOVA_Management of Ongoing Decommissioning Projects at Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant Units 1 to 4, Bulgaria Guarantee for Safe and Timely Decommissioning Process

D. POPOV, O. RUNEVAL_Numerical Investigation of the Possibility for Dry Recriticality of the Molten Corium during Late In-Vessel Phase of Severe Accident at LWR

H. AYHAN, C.N. SOKMEN_Performance Optimization and Validation for the PRHRS of VVERs with RELAP5 Code

K. ZASHEV_Possibilities for Nuclear Isotopes Production in WWER-1000 type of Reactors for Military Purposes

N. BEYDOGAN, G. KONUR, G. SARICI, O.S. CELIKTEN, M. TURKMEN, C.N. SOKMEN_Pin Cell Simulation of the Change in Doppler Broadening and Self-Shielding

N. IVANOVA_Ionizing Radiation in the Education of Medicine

N. MIHAYLOV, S. KALBUROV, S. BONEVA, M. MANOLOVA_TRANSURANUS Analysis of the Fuel Behaviour under LOCA Conditions

O.S. CELIKTEN, S. ERGUN_Investigation of Thorium Utilization in a New SMR Core Design

R. GENCHEVA, A. STEFANOVA, P. GROUDEV_Investigation of IVMR Strategy with External Vessel Bottom Head Water Cooling in VVER1000-v320 Reactor Design with ASTECv2.1.0.3 Computer Code

S.D. IVANOVA_Radiation Exposure to the Stuff Working in PET-CT and Cyclotron Facility

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