BULGARIAN NUCLEAR SOCIETY organizes annually an international conference where scientists and specialists from all fields related to the use of nuclear energy have the opportunity to exchange experience and to implement new collaborations.

The annual BgNS conferences, whose main aim is to spread the nuclear science and technology knowledge and achievements, have been carried out continuously from 1994 till 2015, almost every year. “Nuclear power for the people” is the basic title of the conference from 2005.



Main Topics

Nuclear in medicine, NPP Safety, RAW management, Safety culture, Education and staff development, Radiation and environment, NPP life management, NPP Safety, Advance in nuclear, Economical, Social and Legal issues


Bulgarian and foreign experts, professionals, researches, professors and authorities related to the nuclear energy will take part. Safety culture is a replica of the culture of the individual. What are the leading elements that could impact on safety culture level, and how we have to tailor the education policy – these topics we would like to emphasize. The educational policy is a key element in the building of public engagement/acceptance toward nuclear applications including energy production. We believe the conference environment shall help in creating and engaging more young professionals in nuclear engineering and applications.


The conference will provide to academic and industrial experts a common forum to present and discuss the news and issues concerning nuclear technology and nuclear applications. The “Nuclear power for the people” conference aims also to bring together nuclear specialists, to present their results and to raise the interest of the general public to the achievements and uses of nuclear science and technologies.
Particular attention will be granted to the safety culture in nuclear and the associated issues – education in safety culture, application of knowledge and skills of safety culture, self-assessment and policy to improve the safety culture. It is expected that the Kozloduy NPP experts will present their experience in the self-assessment study as well as the new courses and approaches outlined by the Horizon 2020 CORONA  II international project.