Young Generation Network is part of the Bulgarian Nuclear Society with an independant statute. BYGN was founded in June 1999. It is part of the European Young Generation Network (EYGN) and represents its members in all EYGN forums.

All BgNS members under age of 36 may become BYGN members


Main goals

The main goal of BYGN is to unite young Bulgarian specialists working in the field of nuclear energy peaceful use. BYNG cooperates in the organization of local, national and international events dedicated to the knowledge and ideas exchange between BgNS members and congenial international organizations. BYGN ministers to the know-how transfer between eminent specialists and scientists and their young colleagues. Furthermore BYGN assists its members to take part in international specializations, training courses, schools, seminars, for their knowledge and skill enhancement. Additionally, BYGN ministers the information exchange through participating in EYGN and by creating and supporting the information network in Bulgaria. BYGN promotes the inter generation succession and contributes to the nuclear energy popularization among the young people.