Students suggested digital solutions in nuclear science and technology

Five teams of students from leading high schools in Sofia competed in educational-technological competition (hackathon) titled “IT Applications in Nuclear Science and Technology”, which was held on October 5, 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The competition was organised by the Bulgarian Nuclear Society (BgNS) and Sofia Development Association and was supported by the Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy and business representatives – members of BgNS.

This event is one of BgNS initiatives to encourage students’ interest in high-tech areas, including nuclear science and applications, through developing their abilities in mathematics and physics, as well as their engineering and digital skills.

Interesting lectures about the leading trends in the nuclear field and the opportunities that industry offers for further professional development were included in the first part of “IT Applications in Nuclear Science and Technology”.

In the second part, resolving interesting and topical tasks related to Industry 4.0, the young people had the opportunity to implement their innovation potential. In the framework of ten-minute presentations and demos the students expressed their visions about the role of cyber-physical systems, intelligent management systems, intelligent control systems and the Internet of Things in nuclear applications. They also suggested innovative ideas in the mentioned areas. Their work was assisted and evaluated by established representatives of business, entrepreneurial ecosystem and the academic community.

Discovering solutions concerning digital platforms for achievements in nuclear science and technology, as well as innovative application tools for nuclear energy, physics, medicine and radiation protection, nuclear safety and security were among the benefits of organizing such an event.

The official guests of the educational-technological competition were Ms. Yordanka Fandakova (Mayor of Sofia), Prof. Dimitar Tonev (Director of the Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy), and Dr. Mladen Mitev (President of BgNS).

After the competition all hackathon participants had the unique opportunity to take part in a guided visit to the site of Kozloduy NPP – the beating heart of the Bulgarian nuclear energy. Furthermore, the members of the winning team were invited to the European Parliament by Mr. Vladimir Uruchev, MEP.